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All Beatwife Max For Live Tool’s require a donation be added to your cart to proceed to the download. This donation ensures that Beatwife may carry on bringing you rare experimental audio design tools and provides the funds to allow these tools to be accessible to everyone out there.

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Why am I getting this message at Paypal checkout?

“Unfortunately PayPal doesn’t allow paying orders which have zero subtotal, sorry. Please use any other payment method available or contact us.”

In order to download Beatwife’s Max For Live tools you must add a donation to your cart, simply by navigating to the “Donation Tool” situated on the sidebar of the site.

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Wife – VST’s

All Beatwife VST’s require “Pluggo” or “Pluggo Runtime”. Pluggo vst’s will NOT work in “Ableton Live 8+“, as Ableton decided to ditch “Pluggo” and incorporate ”Max For Live”. :(

Pluggo is available here from Cycling ’74.

Max For Live Tools

All Beatife Max For Live tools require “Ableton 8.1.3″ or higher & Max5.

Ableton trials are available here

Max5 trials are available here

I cannot accept any responsibility for damage to your computer, ears or your wife that may come as a result of using or misusing this software.

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Here I share tools for audio design...... :)


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