BREAK WiFE v3.0 Standalone Mac OSX & Windows + Max For Live Device

Load 8x loops, use the buttons to trigger each loop, or auto sequence them using sliders. (synced to Ableton’s clock)
Set the Bar length to get your sound, recycle the triggerd loops using the sliders or random buttons.

The slices can be re-triggered using the seq belows the wave display, this re-trigering also effects the “Auto-Pitch” & the “Auto-Speed” Fx below*

We also have the Rate slider (NOT Sync’d)

Tape stop sequencer. (why not?)
Fx Unit: Scrub the audio like a wack Dj, Gate, Auto Pan, Tape Stop (good length), Reverse, Auto Reverse, Filter, Delay (synced), Auto Speed, Auto Pitch.

Save & Morph: Save ALL perameters to presets and Morph between 2 for a real experimental experience. Save your presets to a file.


BREAK WiFE v3.0 WIN Standalone + Max For Live Device M4L
BREAK WiFE v3.0 OSX Standalone + Max For Live Device M4L

BREAK WiFE – Max For Live Instrument Device M4L.

BREAK WIFE m4l Only.


Here I share tools for audio design...... :)


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